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Postby Salen » Fri May 11, 2012 6:32 pm

so when we run out of vitality we get the "exhausted" feature for a certain amount of battles. this limits what you can do when you run out of vitality. however, it still lets you get into fights, just severely decreases your stats so that you may lose the fight. that being said i just went through at least 25 fights with zero vitality and came away with a nice stack of sellable items, more favor, and some small amount of runes. nothing huge but if i'm well trained i can still whomp most things on the main streets without a problem. what i'm getting at in this rambling is wondering if this was intended, or a side effect that was unforseen. if not intended, maybe when we hit exhausted we can't click on a fight until we rest somewhere (like a hotel....maybe the bates motel) for a large sum of money (after all this would get rid of the effect that was stopping you from entering combat) the place could also let you "nap" to get rid of the new "tired" effect; not as bad as exhausted but still bothersome. does this make any sense to you? or am i just rambling again LOL!
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Re: exhausted

Postby Taylor » Fri May 11, 2012 7:33 pm

It's intentional that you can still fight while exhausted. I should probably decrease rune drops when you're exhausted though, since that was the main purpose of putting it in.
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