April IOTM, and some other Donation news

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April IOTM, and some other Donation news

Postby Taylor » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:31 pm

April's Item of the Month is in the Donator's Shack: The Mask of the Trickster. (And I really need to make some IOTMs that don't use the head armor slot...)
In other IOTM news: The old IOTMs in the Donator's Warehouse now cost 15 Donation Tokens rather than 20.
In other other IOTM news: This month, to celebrate the fact the Donator's Shack has been open a year (and to help pay for the new server), when you donate, you will receive twice the Donation Tokens you normally would (they won't be given to you automatically, I'll send them to you after the initial donation).
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