New PvP/Handshake Details

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New PvP/Handshake Details

Postby Taylor » Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:22 am

Here are some more details on the new PvP stuff.
There are now two types of PvP: Quick PvP and PvP Duels. There are also Secret Handshakes.

Quick PvP is new. It's only available if you and your opponent both know Infusion. When you choose it, the game instantly runs through the entire battle and then tells you the result. It doesn't use attack spells or items, just your equipped weapons, though passive abilities like the fire shield or vampirism still work.
The winner of the battle receives favor and XP, and steals some runes from the loser. The results of the battle are sent as a message to the defender, but the attacker can also find the battle log in their message Sentbox.
If you lose a quick PvP, you don't go to the hospital. Instead, your HP is reduced to 1 and you remain where you are. You cannot be attacked when you only have 1 HP.
You can attack and defeat someone once per day, but you get another chance to beat them if they attack you and beat you (and if you don't manage to beat them, it doesn't count). This means that two players can continuously attack each other all day long if they want, but it prevents stronger users from bullying weaker ones.
Wearing a Weirdfellow Fez or Peace Necklace makes you immune to quick PvP attack, but the Peace Necklace also prevents you from attacking others.

"PvP duels" are the old-style PvP, and are unchanged. The other player has to agree, and you play it out like a regular battle, with all items and abilities available to you. This option is available to anyone, but you can only send PvP invites to people who are logged in.
There's no limit to how often you can duel anyone in a day.

Secret Handshakes:
You can perform a secret handshake with another member of your society once per day, which results in favor gain for both of you.
Weirdfellows can handshake (and be hand...shooken?) by everyone, and will receive the favor of the other player's society. Weirdfellows who handshake each other will receive favor in all societies.
You can handshake someone once per day, though they are able to handshake you back once per day as well. It uses the same counter as quick PvP, so you can't attack AND handshake a Weirdfellow in the same day (come on, that's just sending mixed signals).
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